Hyundai's pendant MP3 player

I4U review of Hyundai's new pendant-style MP3 player, the HY-206, which has 128MB of built-in storage space, for those would-be Huggy Bears that prefer form over function. Now if they'd only release memory upgrades in the form of thick gold chains. » 2/25/04 10:53am 2/25/04 10:53am

Review of the Vaio GRT260G

PC Magazine review of the Vaio GRT260G, Sony's new media-centric laptop, with a built-in TV tuner. This is a full-sized Vaio, not one of the easily stolen pocketed small ones.
Read » 2/25/04 10:51am 2/25/04 10:51am

Toshiba e805 review

The Gadgeteer review of the e805, Toshiba's new Pocket PC with the high-resolution VGA-quality LCD screen. While it certainly has the best screen that PocketPC devices have had so far, not all applications natively take advantage of the higher resolution, so installing a resolution switcher (freeware or otherwise) is… » 2/24/04 12:12pm 2/24/04 12:12pm

Two new 4 megapixel digital cameras from Kyocera

A couple of new four megapixel digital cameras from Kyocera, the Finecame SL400R [at right] and the M410R. These were announced along with Kyocera's RTUNE, which aims to considerably speed up the rate of image capture, so you'll never be frustrated by long waits to switch modes when they disconnect Grandma's IV again.
» 2/24/04 11:17am 2/24/04 11:17am

Mitsubishi's double-sided LCD

Mitsubishi has developed a reversible LCD that can be viewed from both sides, engendering countless encounters with your co-workers as you explain your affection — and really, respect — for the work of Rue McClanhan. Can't stop The Rue Crew!
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PC Mag on the Voq

PC Magazine takes a first look at the Voq Professional Phone from Sierra Wireless, the first cellphone running Microsoft's Smartphone operating system to come with a built-in keyboard.
Read » 2/23/04 10:49pm 2/23/04 10:49pm